We’re back! … sort of

So, the virus ain’t over here, at least not yet. (For antiquities’ sake, the active cases at the time of this post in Harris County were 6,581 with 1,138,153 nationally.) The quarantine’s been lame, I think we can all agree on that, but we’re still playing it safe – social distancing, small gathering sizes, and masks – as a crew. We’ve learned that HEB is actually the grocery store of Butt’s but, despite its unfortunate and forever name, it’s definitely the workplace of some home-state heroes. We’re bound to lose a few good Houston drinking and dining halls all this, but we’re all pulling for all y’all! And, well, what else is there? Hopefully, y’all have been well and have kept your jobs (not all of us did 😞), and have been finding ways to entertain yourselves through all the crazy goings-on. We knows all the bars are now officially open per Governor Greg but we’re gonna bunker up just a bit longer. We’ll live vicariously through y’all on Instagram! We’ve resumed our ever-watchful hunt for Houston’s best places to drink on the cheap, even if we’re not there, so make sure to come back often and tell your friends!