Vive Les États-Unis!

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past two weeks, you should know that the USA Women’s World Cup soccer team is killing it. But maybe you’re not a soccer fan or, worse, maybe you’re not a women’s soccer fan. In either case – you’re wrong (though the latter is definitely more egregious) and I’m here to help you with your problem. So why should you care about soccer when there are so many other leagues to watch? Here’s a few reasons:

  1. Game length. Full matches consist of two 45 minute halves with 10-20 minutes for a halftime, depending on the league. There is a little bit of “extra time” added to each of these halves but it usually ranges between one to four additional minutes so nothing substantial. That means you can watch an entire soccer match in under two hours almost always.
  2. Fanfare. Soccer fans are crazy, like Oakland Raider fans levels of crazy. In most other sports you’ll only hear the the crowd go wild during big plays or in anticipation of a major event but in soccer, cheering is a full-time gig. Expect to hear at least a mild roar from the stands the entire game with frequent changes in intensity.
  3. No time-outs. Time-outs are killing interest levels in other sports. If you’ve ever watched March Madness, you know the time-out dance at the Big Dance is agonizing at the end of games; drawing out halves for a seeming eternity. Well, there’s none of that here. The only stoppage in play comes during a foul or substitution and the clock keeps ticking during these.

Add to that that the U.S. Women’s team is actually very good and play their hearts out in each match and you’ve got the makings of a sport everyone should be watching. So when’s the next game? It’s tomorrow, Friday the 27th, at 2pm vs. France. Oh, and this is a happy hour site after all so you know we’re in-the-know about where you should be watching it – The Phoenix Brewpub on Westheimer. Our source there tells us that all their Phoenix Brewpub Drafts will be $4 and they’ll have an $8 Fish ‘N Chips special as well.