The Sauced Sixteen Are Decided

I’d just like to begin by saying that it’s not easy coming up with the puns in these titles. The Sauced Sixteen is truly where the Bar-cket starts to feel the buzz. Almost no bar made it to this point without earning a few bumps and bruises from facing off against some stiff competition. The Crew reached only one unanimous decision in this stage in their voting – that’s how contentions these picks were. And there is no doubt that whoever emerges from this round is truly in an elite group of Space City Happy Hours. (But not the Elite Eight®, we didn’t say that so please don’t sue us NCAA.) Enough rambling though, here are the top four match-ups from this round that we felt deserved justification:

  1. Poitín vs. Nancy’s Hustle: There’s no debating that Nancy’s Hustle might be the hottest restaurant in Houston right now. And for good reason: the food is incredible. But Poitin’s weekend happy hours and $2 off any draft beer during their regular and reverse happy hours make them hard to beat. Future happy hours facing off against them will definitely have an uphill path to victory.
  2. Cyclone Anaya’s vs. Peli Peli: The discounts at Peli Peli are amazing, don’t get us wrong. What beats 50% off beer, wine, and cocktails? The short answer is: timing and location. Cyclone Anaya’s offers a Friday happy hour where Peli Peli unfortunately does not. Add to that the fact that Anaya’s isn’t located in the Galleria and it makes actually getting to their happy hour a lot more convenient for most.
  3. Hugo’s vs. Miss Carousel: Both have $3 beers but Miss Carousel doesn’t limit it to just Mexican beers where Hugo’s charges an extra buck for Texas beers. Where Hugo’s shines is just the whole rest of their happy hour: $5 Micheladas, $6 wine ($1 cheaper than Carousel), $6 select cocktails and tequila shots and delicious bar bites for $8 or less.
  4. Beer Market Co. Studemont vs. Antidote: $4 house wines and $2.25 St. Arnold’s mixed with the Bohemian atmosphere transform Antidote into one of the more unique Space City Happy Hours on our whole site. Beer Market Co. Studemont’s $6 flatbreads made this a very close battle, but Antidote also has amazing coffee making it a one-stop shop for the coffee drinkers in our Crew.

With that, here’s how the bar-cket currently stands. (Click this link for a live version of the bar-cket.)