The Inebriated Eight

While the actual Madness might be over, our Tournament Bar-cket continues at a blistering pace! We’re down to the Inebriated Eight™ where, in this first of Space City Happy Hour tournaments, it is simply any happy hour’s game at this point. The favorites have emerged form the original field of 64 and are all destined to be repeats in the tournament next year, no matter what happens going forward. Here’s how just a few of the Sauced Sixteen™ winners secured their victories:

  1. Poitín vs. Goodnight Charlie’s: In an epic clash of food offerings Goodnight Charlie’s $10 beer and taco combo narrowly edged out Poitín’s $3-$8 bar bites. Poitín dazzled with its warm and talented bar staff, creative cocktails, and excellent food offerings. But, in the end, Goodnight Charlie’s knows the way to any Houstonian’s heart is through beer and tacos. Well played Charlie, well played.
  2. Anvil vs. Caracol: No Cinderella story here as two of the most highly acclaimed establishments in Houston went happy hour to happy hour. Anvil’s game relies on the fundamentals, offering up expertly made cocktails at 50% off while Caracol puts on a full-court press offering discounts on beer, wine, cocktails, and bar bites. The Crew are avid fans of both spots but it came down to timing and Caracol’s 4-7pm happy hour outlasted Anvil’s 4-5pm for the win.
  3. Sideout Volleybar vs. Underdogs Pub: In arguably the biggest upset of the tournament, Sideout survives Underdogs to advance! The Crew is obsessed with dogs and this led to some fierce debate. How could Sideout, a volleyball bar, beat out a bar where dogs run wild?! A bar where a dog, after a hard days’ fetch, can sit on a bar stool and order an ice cold bowl of water?! What could Sideout possibly bring to the table that beats that?! Answer: an actual dog park. That’s right, Sideout has a fully fenced-in dog park where your furry friend can run and play while you partake in extended weekday happy hours and weekend specials.
  4. Cyclone Anaya’s vs. Eight Row Flint: In a classic Taco vs. Margarita match-up we saw Eight Row Flint’s $3 tacos (definitely try out the Brussels sprouts taco, even if you’re not a vegetarian) take on Cyclone Anaya’s $10 jumbo margaritas. The margs put up a good, if not slightly drunken, fight but we were swayed by Eight Row Flint’s awesome patio and $5 house cocktails. We’re not really sure it’s fair to call Eight Row Flint’s permanent bus kitchen in the back of their parking lot a traditional food truck, but damned if we really care about the difference when the food’s so delicious.

But the entirety of the octet deserves a mention (and it’s also now a manageable number), so congratulations also to Lei Low, Aka Sushi House, Wooster’s Garden, and Bernie’s Burger Bus Heights!

With that, here’s how the bar-cket currently stands. (Click this link for a live version of the bar-cket.)

Tournament Bar-cket © SCHH, 2019