The First Annual SCHH Tournament Bar-cket

The Men’s NCAA basketball tournament is almost here and we’re unabashed fans of all things March Madness. It, therefore, seemed like an obvious choice to put together our own “bar-cket” (yes, we’re proud of this) to determine Houston’s best happy hour. To keep things roughly similar, we’ve limited our bar-cket to just 64 bars and restaurants. We know there are over 250 happy hours available on our site now but we just had to make a rough, and somewhat randomized, call about who would be included so if you don’t see your favorite place in the bar-cket, our apologies. Rules are simple for the bar-cket: The Crew will vote on which happy hour should advance in each match-up through four group. The four group stage winners face off in respective semi-finals match-ups and then a championship match to determine who is this year’s best Space City Happy Hour. In the sake of fairness, the seed numbers have been randomized as this is the first time we’re doing this but you can bet that whoever wins this year’s bar-cket will come in next year as a top seed! The official bar-cket is below, good luck to all the bars! (Click on the image below for a much larger version. And click this link for a live version.)