The Coronavirus

Effective beginning tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM (that’s March 17, 2020, for clarity), all Houston bars and clubs are going to be closed for fifteen days. We’re obviously saddened by this news but we’ve also got to agree with Judge Lina Hidalgo for entering the order. The Coronavirus is scary, y’all, and we’ve got to do what we can to limit its spread!

Restaurants will be allowed to continue operating but are limited to pickup, delivery, and drive-through orders only. So what’s the deal? Why is a happy hour website, even one this cool, posting this kind of information?

Here’s why it matters.

Houston has a thriving and amazing bar and restaurant scene supported by some of this city’s most generous and caring people. If you want to read up on what this city’s people have done in the wake of previous tragedies, I suggest starting here. A lot of these folk are gonna have a hard time paying their bills and re-opening their doors once everything calms down. So that’s why we’re telling you, right now, you need to go to all the bars you can but like, not right now, later. Once everything’s safe again and your crew and ours can get back out and drink, it’s our goddamn responsibility to do so as the most dedicated drinkers in H-Town. This may even mean skipping out on some happy hour deals – suck it up, buttercup. We’re all in this together and we’ve got to handle our business. First, the virus. Second, support your local bars and restaurants – get them back on their feet and keep one of Houston’s most beloved traditions awesome.