The 2019 Bar-cket Championship

With the Faded Four™ now in the rear-view, The Crew has finally drunk its way to a decision about who the championship face-off will be between. What started off as a goofy idea now has us all overly serious about who deserves this seriously coveted prize. To that end, we re-visited all four winners of the previous round to sample their happy hour variety, evaluate their prices, and consider their ease-of-access on a weekday (and weekend). So here they are, your 2019 Bar-cket finalists:

  1. Caracol (1) vs. Bernie’s Burger Bus Heights (4): We always bitch and moan whenever a top seed makes it to the championship game. We all want to see the underdog win after all. But when you’re filling out your brackets in March, are you seriously eschewing the #1 seed for some long shot? We didn’t think so. But if you were playing along with our bar-cket, you should’ve known better. That’s right – Bernie’s takes this one in an upset over Caracol. Ultimately, Bernie’s is just an easier to attend Space City Happy Hour and offers a wider beer selection at better prices. Caracol’s mixed drinks are thoroughly good, but getting to the Galleria before seven o’clock on a weekday is tough for anyone who doesn’t work or live over there.
  2. Eight Row Flint (2) vs. Lei Low (3): Tiki bars are definitely blowing up all over Houston and that’s awesome. But any Hawaiian-shirt-wearing OG knows Lei Low remains uncontested as the people’s champ. Problem is, tiki drinks and vibes just aren’t everyone’s version of surf’s up. So even though our Crew will rock that palm print, we know that Eight Row Flint brings the kind of breadth to the table that anyone’s crew will be happy to attend and we’re about that. Sure, Eight Row could step their beer game up a bit but their margaritas are killer and their tacos may be the best happy hour food available (prove us wrong!) and they earned this W.

Which bar will reign supreme? Whose Space City Happy Hour will The Crew find to top all others? Stay tuned for next week’s final Bar-cket post of 2019 where all questions will be answered!

(Click this link for a live version of the full bar-cket.)