Go to Okra or Admit You Hate Charities

If you’ve lived in Houston for any length of time and haven’t been to Okra Charity Saloon, The Crew here is determined to track you down and have you sign an affidavit that you hate charities. No, really, we will find you and then get your signature and put that thing on the Internet so everyone knows how much you hate charities. (Okay, so maybe we won’t do exactly this but you should still be worried.) Let’s just assume you’re new here though and aren’t really sure what Okra is or what it’s about. Well, first off:

A group of like-minded restaurant and bar owners in Houston recognized a need for a public voice for independent businesses in the industry. In 2011, they founded OKRA, the Organized Kollaboration on Restaurant Affairs, to pursue community and charitable initiatives in the city.

That’s right – Kollaboration with a ‘K’ – that’s how you know this is serious. Do you think that Congress would have taken a video game called Mortal Combat with a ‘C’ seriously? No; the answer is no they would not have. So a charitable initiative is formed under a serious-ass name, so what? Well, here’s so what:

At OKRA Charity Saloon, the concept is simple. For each drink purchased, guests receive one vote that they may cast that night for one of four charities selected by OKRA’s members. The charities are all locally based. The charity with the most votes at the end of the month receives the next month’s proceeds.

That’s what. You literally get a voting ticket for drinking there that you can dedicate to a cause. You drink, charities win. That’s how easy it is. And just for the record, because they’re definitely keeping score over there, the current total donated by Okra to charities as a result of this pure philanthropic genius is $1,268,918.47 and counting. You can find a running total, as well as the current monthly charity (hint: it’s not the Human Fund), at Okra’s website here.

“So that’s all well and good,” you’re thinking, “but this is a site where I come to find happy hour information.” Well you know we’ve got the deets on that: $4 draft beers, $5 White Claws (mystery flavor!), $6 wines by the glass, and $4 wells. And you can get those ridiculously cheap drinks every day of the effin’ week from 4pm until 6:30pm. So get over to Okra, buy a ton of drinks, and engage in a form of democracy that you can actually discuss at the dinner table come Thanksgiving.