Feeling Blue for Houston Restaurant Weeks

The crew recently headed to Brenner’s Blue Bar, using Houston Restaurant Weeks and a crew member’s birthday as excuses. I had never been and, truth be told, was expecting a fancy, albeit slightly stodgy, steakhouse atmosphere. An occasion for which I wore a lace floral dress, but paired it with a red leather studded belt a la the 1980s to, you know, stick it to the steakhouse man…or something. I stepped inside and, for a second, wasn’t sure I was in Houston anymore. I thought we’d somehow apparated to a beautiful resort restaurant far from the city’s hustle and bustle. But then I remembered I wasn’t a character in Harry Potter (still waiting on my letter) and that we weren’t at a resort, but rather what I believe is Houston’s most beautiful restaurant. My rebellious red belt had, sadly, lost its zealous anti-establishment symbolism.

Brenner’s Blue Bar looks out onto Buffalo Bayou, but not the bayou that you and I joke about containing flesh eating bacteria, some other magical Buffalo Bayou that is lush and clean and tranquil. There are sand banks with petrified wood. Lush greenery engulfs the rear of the restaurant and forces you to completely forget that you are smack dab in the middle of the 4th largest city in the country. The patio is massive and has comfy furniture perfect for a group outing. Or a date night with the SO. Or the not so SO. You can bring your parents here. Literally, anyone will love this place.

I think I’ve driven the point home that the ambience of Brenner’s is excellent. And since the whole point of this website is to keep y’all informed of Houston’s best places to drink, I should probably talk about the alcohol. Our first round consisted of a couple mules, a margarita, a glass of wine, and one poor bastard who ordered a $21 Old Fashioned. We here at SCHH do not condone $21 cocktails. We don’t care what the hell the whiskey was soaked in. We don’t care if the vodka was distilled with Olympic Gold Medalist Alina Zagitova’s sweat. It’s too much. But I digress and, one overpriced drink aside, the drink prices were a deal! Mules and Margaritas were both $8 and glass of South American red only set us back $7. And they were tasty to boot! They were also serving up select $4 beers for you hops-hounds out there. I highly recommend getting on over to Brenner’s Blue Bar, but save yourself a little moola and go sometime between 5-7pm Monday through Friday to catch their happy hour. As a bonus for going early, you’ll have plenty of daylight left to enjoy the beautiful, secret bayou they keep behind the restaurant!