Drive Into D&T Drive Inn

It’s hard to capture the familiarity that a neighborhood bar brings to the table. Always somewhat resistant to newcomers, those that put in the time and effort (and tips) will find themselves part of a unique close-knit group. A year later, you might be part of the bars’ white elephant gift exchange and steal a gift from your bartender that was so good, you’ll be left wondering if they’ll ever put alcohol in you drinks again (but you know they will). But, in a big city like Houston that experiences constant change, it can be hard to find these neighborhood drinking establishments. In drives D&T Drive Inn. It may not have the history that your dad’s bar in Wharton had but, then again, this ain’t Wharton fella’ and the big city ain’t no ranch. What D&T does so well is that it feels like your dad’s old bar and the bartenders and staff there have just a little bit more of that welcoming spirit than your dad’s drinking house did, so you won’t feel unwelcome when you step into the unassuming exterior — be it through the open garage door or just the regular ol’ way. So, stop on by if you’re up in the Heights and see what the “new” neighborhood bar might look like.