Concerning Hobbit Café

In a hole in the wall, there was a happy hour. Not a nasty, dirty, wet happy hour filled with skunky beers and questionable wells, not yet a pretentious happy hour with nothing in it but overpriced cocktails and lima beans on empty plates; it was a Hobbit Café happy hour, and that means comfort.

The Hobbit Café has been offering comfort in the fashion of its namesake since 1972. And that means food and drink. In addition to their quality happy hour (detailed below), they offer hobbit sized sandwiches like the Dwalin (curry chicken salad, my favorite), stacked burgers such as the Balrog (1 lb of beef and every topping you can imagine, wizards only), and an array of breakfast items worthy of any establishment this side of the Misty Mountains. You can take it all in inside surrounded by a respectable array of kitschy Lord of the Rings memorabilia, or you can hang out on the patio under the boughs of the Mallorn-sized spreading oak.

But I know you’re all hounds for hobbit hooch and half-price hearty helpings. To that end, you can mix-and-match 3 craft beer cans into a $12 bucket or get pours of the house red and white for $5. As for food, you can get quesadillas, nachos, and a variety of other snacks for $4 each. The only real splurge on this happy hour menu is the guac which will set you back $7.

So what are you waiting for? Grab 14 of your closest, shortest friends and make the journey there and back again today!