A Quick Look at Eight Row Flint

Eight Row Flint is the quintessential Houston bar, with more seating outside than in, and garage doors that open in good weather. It’s a great bar to visit now, as the weather finally cools down, and patio drinking heats up in H-Town.

Eight Row Flint’s happy hour runs from 2pm to 6pm, Monday through Friday, and all day Wednesday. While it’s a shame the happy hour doesn’t run on the weekends, when it is running it’s got a solid mix of options. Some of the best margaritas in town can be had for $5, and they’ve got a great selection of local beers for $3 each. They also include tacos from their taco truck on their happy hour menu, and I would highly recommend grabbing a couple.

Even outside of happy hour this bar shines. If you’re a fan of whiskey, this is the spot for you. Eight Row Flint has one of the biggest whiskey collections in Houston, focusing on bourbon, and the bartenders are always knowledgeable. If you’re there after the drink specials have ended you can always try your luck at the ring toss or the wheel of fortune ($5 per try) and luck out on a deal that way.

The main downside to this bar is the parking. It’s almost always valet only, which means you’re driving down side streets looking for parking in the few areas residents haven’t set up massive rocks. As usual, if you live nearby the best way to get there is to bike or ride-share.