Bar Spotlight: Anvil Bar and Refuge

If you’re one of the lucky few with the time to make the Anvil Bar and Refuge 4:00 pm happy hour, then I’d like to introduce you to your new favorite cocktail bar. For exactly one hour, you get access to 100 world-class cocktails at half their menu price. Talk about a deal!

Your first impression on entering this bar is class. The polished brass tabletops, tie and apron clad bartenders, and floor-to-ceiling shelves of liquor drip with speakeasy character. Grab one of the menus and take a second to browse The 100 List starting on page five. This is the happy hour. If you’re overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to ask a bartender for suggestions. They’re experts in the craft thanks to a rigorous training process and they are always happy to answer questions. Or take a shot at one of my favorites (listed with happy hour prices):

  1. Crescent City (sweet vermouth, Jamaican rum, lime, angostura bitters) – $6
  2. Godfather (overproof bourbon, amaretto, angostura bitters) – $6
  3. Absinthe Frappe (absinthe, turbinado, soda) – $6
  4. Harvey Wallbanger (vodka, galliano, orange, lemon) – $5

For the especially adventurous, I recommend a round of Prairie Oyster shots at $4 each. It’s mezcal with salt, spices, a dash of Tapatio, and a raw egg yolk. Odd, to be sure, but they taste like liquid BBQ.

The 100 List is the star here, but for those of you wanting something a little different, Anvil keeps a curated collection of staff-developed recipes on menu. They also offer a small selection of quality beers on tap, wine by the glass, and champagne by the glass or bottle. For you whiskey aficionados, check out page one of the menu for their “Break-Even Bottle” deals. And for the hungry, they offer a bevy of bar bites such as scotch eggs and pretzels.

So quick! Strike while the iron is hot and make Anvil Bar and Refuge your number one happy hour spot today!