standard-title About Who we are and why we do this


Who we are and why we do this
Space City Happy Hour’s goal is simple: to help you find the best happy hour. We’re a group of professional drinkers that have spent countless hours together at bars all across Houston and wanted to make it easy for anyone to find their happy hour. We know Houston is a big place and we’re just getting started with cataloguing all of the discount drinks and food offered around town and we encourage you to let us know about your favorite spot if you don’t already see it on our site. Hopefully any other questions you might have are answered below but if not, give us a shout and happy drinking!


Are y'all on social media?

Yep, we're mostly active on our Instagram but we've also got a Facebook page and a Twitter account.

Can I advertise on your site?

Absolutely, we welcome anyone, especially those bars appearing on our site, to reach out to us for advertising opportunities. Note that Space City Happy Hour will never prioritize traffic or increase a bar's appearance based on advertising however.

I found a mistake!

While technically not a question, we're still proud of you! We encourage users to double-check our happy hour data frequently and let us know when they find something new or incorrect so we can provide the most up-to-date information possible!

Is there any way I can contribute to the site?

Yes! We're all native Houstonians and want this site to feel and remain local and welcome contributions from other Houstonians who want to improve it. From bar descriptions to blog posts to photographs and whatever else, we're happy to bring on some extra (but limited) crew from time-to-time to spruce up the site and keep it fresh. Reach out to us and let us know how you'd like to contribute and we'll get back to you.

Why do I see "n/a" on some bars or restaurants?

While browsing the site you might occasionally see some locations with "n/a" either in the Happy Hours section, the Happy Hours Discounts section, or both. When you see these, it's to let you know that there isn't a Happy Hour on that particular day of the week or that the bar or restaurant you're viewing doesn't offer a happy hour discount on your drink of choice or food. Oftentimes, venues will have specials that change day-to-day so be sure to click the arrows next to Happy Hour times to see if they offer up what you're looking for on a different day!

Why don't I see my favorite bar or restaurant on your site?

If you came to the site looking for your favorite bar and you don't see it, it could be for a few reasons. One, we might not have gotten around to adding it to the site yet. We're constantly adding and updating bars to the site but Houston's a giant city and it will take time to make sure we've gotten everyone's favorite spot on our site. Drop us a line about it though and we'll make it a priority.

Secondly, your favorite bar might not offer a happy hour and, if that is the case, our site just isn't the place for them. Nothing against them personally, of course, we just think general directory sites handle those places just fine.

Lastly, Space City Happy Hour prioritizes local businesses and doesn't publish chain restaurants (e.g., Applebee's) or bars' details, even if they have a happy hour. We know that some people love these chains, but because of their prevalence and the size of the city, they would just end up adding a lot of clutter to the site.