A Quick Look at Bobcat Teddy’s Ice House

The White Oak establishment previously known as Jimmy’s has now been ever-so-slightly transformed into Bobcat Teddy’s and, you know what, I think White Oak is a little better for it. Sure, Jimmy’s had that unmistakable dive bar atmosphere. Yeah, Jimmy’s was a 75-year-old piece of Houstonia and the oldest standing bar in the Heights. Yes, they only took cash and, yes, they only served beer. But Jimmy’s Ice House, opened by Jimmie Murray in the 1940’s, lives on in Bobcat Teddy’s. The slight renovations that have taken place make it more inviting to newer ice house crowds who still tread carefully up to the bar and order with a slight bit of nervousness, perhaps expecting the bartender to gruffly “hrmph” at them or ignore them for regulars. But such is not the case at Teddy’s where you can now pay with your fancy credit cards and order your liquors and still enjoy the dilapidated (lovingly so) interior of what some would call a shack (and others would call a palace). Don’t write off Teddy’s as some evidence of gentrification; attend it to honor Jimmy’s. Also they’ve got a happy hour or something.